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Where to Buy (And Why)

Amazon helps me as an author most directly. They also have the most digital options. donates a percentage of every sale to a local bookstore in an attempt to counteract Amazon's monopoly as a bookseller and I think that's very cool of them.

PLUS: they take a dollar off the price. So my book is only $12 through Bookshop!

If you order with Barnes and Noble, maybe they'll finally stop saying no when I ask about local book signings. (but actually, I've heard B&N orders are usually the best packaged.)

Both BAM and HPB have my book sort of listed? I think you can preorder through them? If you have a gift card to either place, it might be worth a try. We'll see!

If you order through Porter Co. Book Shoppe, you support a woman-owned digital bookstore that champions indie authors and provides a voice for authors who need to be discovered!

Release Day

February 14 | All preorders will be shipped, and books will be available everywhere.

Neighbors Coffee Pop-Up

March 4 | 9-12 | Neighbors Coffee in Jacksonville, TX | Signing and selling books.

Half Price Books Signing

February 18 | 12-3 PM | HPB in Tyler, TX | Books will be available for purchase, or you can bring your preorder copy.

East Texas Book Fest

April 1 | 9-12 | TJC | organized by Smith County Area Libraries Together (SALT) 

Bullard Community Library Signing

February 20 | 11-2 PM | Bullard Community Library in Bullard, TX | preorder through the library to get a discounted price!

Lillie Russell Memorial Library Pi Day

March 13 | Lillie Russell Memorial Library in Lindale, TX | Signing and selling books. And pie.


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