How to Complete A Bazillion Projects and Not Lose Your Sanity

Updated: Dec 30, 2021

I have no idea.

Gonna be honest, I think my sanity became a free agent once everyone started using “pandemic” in a conversational tone and started to read into baking recipes. It’s been a lot for everybody, and online chaos hasn’t helped.

But here are my best, educated guesses about how I

  • wrote a book I liked

  • knit a sweater I liked

  • and constructed a collaborative free online romance that I like (stay tuned to read Chapter 1 February 14 for free!! Updates on Instagram)

all in the span of a year-ish.


My family is amazing, but marrying Dedrick made me realize how important support really is. Maybe I'm just being sentimental, but the thought of spending the rest of my life with him makes almost any dream seem possible.

I know, I know, mushy-gushy romance, but it's true!!.

He listens. It’s that simple, but I am always free to share what I’m working on with him (and vice versa). Part of it is that our interests align, which I love. Creating paintings and writing books are, of course, entirely separate disciplines, but their histories intertwine and sometimes their reasonings align, which gives us both insights into our individual fields. I don’t know what you think about romance, but to me, it’s always going to involve a historical-philosophical debate about postmodern ideas.


I’ve completed far too many eighteen-hour online semesters to not know how to cram. Now, I set deadlines and expectations for my books and strive to honor those dates just as seriously as I would an English paper. Of course, I’m free to give myself leeway, and writing time-consuming projects like this upcoming online romance always come second to Dedrick and our life together. And I’m never going to be perfect; there will always be days that I choose to watch SpongeBob and not read craft books. But setting deadlines for my books just like I did when I had to read a romance book a week in Young Adult Literature helps me organize my free time seriously.

Something to fight for.

With online overexposure to information that’s free to read, almost everyone’s life is constantly filled with some form of imported anxiety about the state of the world. It helps to read a relaxing book – even a cheesy online romance about a mind-reader and a concept artist – and let that anxiety slip away. That’s my mission: to write books that help people remember who people really are, instead of the caricatures of human nature blaring at them across online media.

I have a long way to go before accomplishing my goals, and yet in some ways, I’ve already accomplished everything I could want. I've found romance, a career, and a passion that can all coexist peacefully; few people are so lucky. Hopefully, this latest project – the romance book that I’m planning to publish online for free – will bring something beneficial to those who read it.

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