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Emma Hill Books

"Curled in shared bed with propellers and periscopes, maybe / you will sleep now; you will ignore / the hunger of bubbles trailing in our lungs / ghosts / Tantalus finger-gunning / knowledgeably..."

"Papaw and Don Henley bent to roll the tire into the woods, shuffling feet against asphalt; they were too slow. The trucker, eyes bleary from the road, squinted to the promised orange treasure and saw high school punks trundling it away, giggling like babies. Perhaps he roared in anger."

"With a quick, huffing groan, Chris righted himself and held out a wrinkled clump of papers to Lee. Lee took them, his stomach pulling tight at the sight of the Party logo at the top: a white diamond with a black crosshairs in the center, surrounded by blood red."

"THIS is a towel. It's revolutionary. Their colors range from chartreuse to canary. Let me tell you, my poor, bedraggled acquaintance: these towels are essential to hygienic maintenance."


Emma Hill

Emma Hill is an accomplished writer from Nacogdoches, TX. Her work has been featured by various anthologies, chapbooks, and undergraduate literary journals. Once, she sent a potato to space.