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All Elle Coker wants is to fade into the background. As a Reader with intrusive thoughts, she’s got enough on her mind — but it’s hard to blend when you’re in everyone’s head.

Enter Christopher, the concept artist with his own problems back home. And the smile that quiets the noise in Elle’s mind. 

Elle and Christopher could fall in love. Maybe. But, as two people still learning how they fit into the world, would it be worth the risk?

Out 2/14/2023.


Emma Hill

Emma Hill is an accomplished writer from Bullard, TX. Her work has been featured by various anthologies, chapbooks, and undergraduate literary journals. Once, she sent a potato to space.

Interns to lovers with a little magic and a lot of zoom calls!


I think, if I had to choose, Elle might be my favorite...But I also adore Christopher and his good heart, he was just so adorable and good to Elle. And Thea was so amazing and hilarious and I just love her so much!!


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