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a love story that's worth the maybes.

A rom-com with fantasy mixed in? Hill was speaking my love language from the start!

Elle and Christopher’s story was seriously perfect! I loved the pair of them as individuals, and loved them all the more as a couple. They are goofy, imperfect, adorable characters that made me root for them the whole way! 

VK Dixon, author of the Archives of the Warden series

Emma Hill

is an award-winning writer from Bullard, TX. Her work has been featured by various anthologies, chapbooks, and undergraduate literary journals. Once, she sent a potato to space. Now, she's teaching sixth-graders to do the same.

I loved the mental health representation (even as someone who's never struggled with Afterthoughts, I really felt for Elle, and Hill wrote her in a way that made it easy to understand how tough it is for her) and the all-too-self-aware slow burn romance between Elle & Christopher.

goodreads review

This is one of the most unique and charming books I have ever read, and there is so much to love about it beyond its exquisite cover....This book is perfect for fans of magical realism, college romances, and anyone who wants to read a rare jewel.

goodreads review

All Elle Coker wants is to fade into the background. As a Reader with intrusive thoughts, she’s got enough on her mind — but it’s hard to blend when you’re in everyone’s head.

Enter Christopher, the concept artist with his own problems back home. And the smile that quiets the noise in Elle’s mind. 

Elle and Christopher could fall in love. Maybe. But, as two people still learning how they fit into the world, would it be worth the risk?

Out 2/14/2023.

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